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Audi has launched the Audi on demand+ mobility service in Beijing. Users select the car desired from a range of top models from a high-performance vehicle to an upper class sedan. Customers can use their smartphones to book their preferred models and pay while on the move. A concierge service brings the car to the customer by request.

Beijing is the first location for Audi on demand+ in China, and plans call for the offering to become available in major medium and large-sized cities across China to form a regionwide mobility service network within the next years.

Users specifically select the car they want with an individual configuration and use their smartphones for booking. Time periods range between four hours and 30 days; use of the service is billed by the hour. The all-inclusive rate contains a complete service package that includes unlimited driving mileage and insurance coverage. The Audi on demand+ selection consists mostly of new products with a full range of equipment. Audi Sport models as well as premium, long version sedans are available for booking.

An exclusive concierge service delivers the booked car to the preferred place of the customer in an area of at least 150 square kilometers, which contains the central business district (CBD) and other relevant boroughs. After the customer is finished using the car, the concierge service picks up the Audi again. Furthermore, the concierge desk assists customers to acquaint themselves with their Audi. Clients may collect the vehicle by themselves at a central office, as an alternative.

Customers can choose from a number of options for fast, convenient digital payment, including WeChat, AliPay and UnionPay.


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