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New York plug-in car sales up 74% April-June with introduction of rebate

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the state has seen a 74% increase in electric car sales over the same time period last year, resulting from the Drive Clean Rebate initiative launched on 21 March 2017. The Drive Clean Rebate provides New York residents with a rebate of up to $2,000 for the purchase of a new plug-in car from participating dealers.

For the first three full months following the implementation of the Drive Clean Rebate (April - June), New York State EV sales rose to 2,574 units, up from 1,476 units the year before. For the first half of 2017, New York saw 4,209 EVs sold, a 61% increase from the 2,609 sold in the same period in 2016.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, which administers the rebate program, approved more than 2,300 rebate applications in the first five full months rebates have been available (March - August).

In total, more than $3 million in rebates were provided to New Yorkers for the purchase or lease of 26 different types of cars.

Leading car models sold include the Toyota Prius Prime, which accounted for more than 40% of the rebates, the Chevrolet Bolt EV (12%), Chevrolet Volt (10%), and the Ford Fusion Energi (10%). Overall, most people received rebates of $1,100 or more for their new electric cars.

Of the 2,332 Drive Clean Rebate applications submitted through 31 Augus 2017, approximately 33% were submitted by Long Island consumers (779 applications), followed by consumers in the Mid-Hudson region (404 applications - 17.3%), Capital District (276 applications - 12%), and Finger Lakes (251 applications - 11%).

The Drive Clean Rebate is a $70-million electric car rebate and outreach initiative to encourage the growth of clean and non-polluting electric car use in New York and promote the reduction of carbon emissions in the transportation sector. The goal is to provide rebates to consumers over the next few years to increase sales and build market momentum, which will in turn drive down vehicle prices for consumers.

Of this, $55 million is dedicated to rebates of up to $2,000 for purchase of a new plug-in hybrid electric car, all-electric car or hydrogen fuel cell car. The remaining $15 million will support improving consumer awareness of electric cars and their many benefits, installing more charging stations across the state, developing and demonstrating new electric car-enabling technologies, and other efforts to put more electric cars on New York's roadways.

More than 30 different types of electric cars are available under the Drive Clean Rebate initiative.

The Drive Clean Rebate initiative is just one of multiple actions taken by Governor Cuomo to increase the number of electric cars in New York State. Earlier this year, the Governor announced a new electric vehicle campaign that includes the installation of charging stations and incentives for employers to encourage employees to drive electric vehicles, as well as the installation of charging stations along the New York State Thruway. The charging stations support the State’s Charge NY goal to have 3,000 charging stations installed by 2018 more than 1,700 electric vehicle charging stations have already been installed.

Last week Governor Cuomo announced the availability of $2.2 million from the Environmental Protection Fund in rebates for municipalities to purchase or lease electric, (plug-in hybrid or battery) or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for municipal fleet use, and for installation of public charging or fuel cell refueling infrastructure.

The state has also revised regulations to clarify charging station ownership rules, and supported research and demonstration projects on new plug-in electric car technologies and policies. In addition, the New York Power Authority has invited municipalities to tap into a master contract that offers better pricing for the supply, installation and maintenance of charging stations.

The Governor also announced previously the availability of another $3 million to help eligible municipalities and rural electricity cooperatives purchase electric vehicles for use in their municipal use fleets.



Up front rebates versus tax credits, it would be interesting to see the incentive results difference.


I think upfront rebates would be a much better way to get the bulk of the population into these types of vehicles.

the buyers who would normally avoid hybrids/ev due to price, would likely benefit most from this campaign. If price is an entry barrier, it would make sense to make it cheaper upfront not on the backend.

We need another cash for clunkers as well. Older/poorly maintained vehicles are a huge blight on our atmosphere. That and small engines ex. 2-stroke weed eaters, lawn mowers, and motorcycles.

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