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alpha-En Corporation and Argonne partner on Li metal anodes for EV batteries; $750K award from DOE

alpha-En Corporation, a company that has developed a patent-pending process to produce high-purity thin-film lithium metal anodes and associated products sustainably, will receive an award of $750,000 from the US Department of Energy’s Office of Technology Transition Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF).

This funding will be used to commercialize Argonne National Laboratory’s proprietary highly conductive solid-state electrolyte coating for alpha-En’s lithium metal anodes. The merger of these technologies further enhances alpha-En’s process and the resulting product. Argonne’s technology in conjunction with alpha-En’s will create an efficient process for a new product allowing for a faster path to market.

alpha-En’s lithium metal is purer than what is currently available on the market, free of all base metals and common non-conductive impurities found in the existing commercial supply. It produces its lithium using a room-temperature process that does not require or release noxious chemicals. The process allows for the flexible deposition and intercalation of lithium into custom substrates, which streamlines the manufacturing of batteries of all sizes.

The flexibility of the process allows for production of lithium and compounds in a variety of form factors, for use in primary and rechargeable batteries. The benefits of the process include:

  • Using Lithium Carbonate as feedstock reduces raw material costs.

  • The room temperature process requires minimal electricity.

  • The process does not require mercury, again reducing raw material costs and eliminating containment costs.

  • The process does not release toxic chlorine gas, eliminating containment costs and associated environmental hazards.

  • The proprietary technology and the absence of many chemicals normally required yields an extremely pure product: lithium metal without nonconductive impurities.

This competitive award is selected from applicants in the private sector working with the United States National Laboratories to advance new technologies. Projects selected for this award will receive an equal amount of non-federal funds from their industry partners who will bring the product to market.

alpha-En has an existing Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Argonne National Laboratory to optimize the company’s process to produce high-purity thin-film lithium metal anodes at room temperature for next-generation batteries such as lithium-sulfur and solid-state.



USA better move ahead quickly with development and mass production of improved SS batteries before China moves in and floods the market with much lower cost equivalent units.

Nissan and affiliates in China will soon mass produce a BEV and sell it at less than half the price of a Nissan Leaf. Of course, that new BEV will use recent made in China batteries.

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