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BorgWarner showcasing electrification technologies for commercial vehicles; expects 32% CAGR in hybrid and electric CV market from 2017 to 2020

BorgWarner, is showcasing its range of combustion, hybrid and electric technologies at the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) Show in Atlanta, Georgia. A forecast by Knibb, Gormezano and Partners (KGP), cited by BorgWarner, predicts the hybrid and electric commercial vehicle market will experience a 32.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), increasing from 49,000 units in 2017 to 115,000 units in 2020.

Christopher P. Thomas, Chief Technology Officer, BorgWarner, said that the growth drivers in commercial vehicle propulsion systems are changing. “While environmental impact and fuel economy continue to be key concerns, truck and transit fleets are now confronted with new challenges from a growing list of urban areas where combustion engines are restricted due to zero-emissions zones and noise-sensitive areas,” he observed.

Featuring patented High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) stator winding technology, BorgWarner’s versatile HVH410 and HVH 250 electric motors provide industry-leading power and torque densities with a power output of up to 300 kW (402 horsepower) and peak efficiencies of more than 95%. HVH410 electric motors deliver a maximum torque of 2,000 N·m for class 7 and 8 hybrid and electric applications, while HVH250 electric motors deliver a maximum torque of 425 N·m.

In addition, BorgWarner’s 48-volt high efficiency motor/generators provide higher system efficiency and improved energy recovery capability to meet increasing power demands.

BorgWarner’s eBooster electrically driven compressor has already been applied within the market and is useful for smaller commercial engines with less than 5 liters of displacement. A larger unit is also in development for engines with up to 13 liters of displacement.

BorgWarner’s eTurbo technology takes electrified boosting one step further with the ability to generate power to recharge vehicle batteries. The eTurbo is being developed in two sizes to serve both small and large commercial vehicle engines.

Further examples of electrified turbomachinery are also in development both internally and with customers, including an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) expander with electrical output, an eTurbocompounding turbine generator and a gas turbine range extender for use on commercial electric vehicles.


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