Diesel market share in Europe drops below 50%; offset by increased gasoline engine sales; implications for climate targets
BTI, Texas A&M team devises new droplet bioreactor to accelerate search for optimal algal strains for biofuels

easyJet and Wright Electric: all-electric short-haul flights within a decade

European airline easyJet has outlined a strategy to progressively decarbonize and reduce noise from aviation operations. A collaboration with US company Wright Electric will support the goal for short haul flights to be operated by all-electric planes.

Wright Electric has set itself the challenge of building an all-electric commercial passenger jet capable of flying passengers across easyJet’s UK and European network within a decade.

Wright Electric designs feature swappable batteries, high aspect ratio wings for energy efficient flights and a distributed electric propulsion system.

More immediately, the new Airbus A320 neo aircraft will bring up to a 15% saving in fuel burn and CO2 emissions, and a reduced noise footprint of 50% on take-off and landing providing a benefit to airport neighborhood communities.

easyJet is also introducing new electric, towbarless aircraft tugs. The company is also partnering with Safran to trial e-taxi hydrogen fuel cell technology in the coming months in what will be a revolutionary zero emissions taxiing system for its aircraft.

Since 2000, easyJet has reduced its emissions by more than 31% per passenger kilometer in 2016. easyJet has a carbon emissions target of 72 grams by 2022, which would be a 10% reduction from today’s performance and a 38% improvement from 2000.


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