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Agrisoma expanding partnership with Univ. of Florida on biojet fuel in US; Carinata seed

Toyota ends production in Australia after 54 years

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd. (TMCA), the production and sales subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Australia, ended 54 years of manufacturing in Australia.

TMCA Chairman Max Yasuda announced at the closing ceremony the establishment of the Toyota Community Foundation Australia Pty Ltd. to contribute to the Australia region over the long term after the end of manufacturing. The foundation is expected to start with a fund of A$32 million (US$25 million) and will provide educational support to children.

Focusing on the western Melbourne suburb where the Altona plant is located, the plan first calls to provide support to students with economic difficulties and to schools with disadvantaged educational environments.

TMCA will shift its sales and marketing functions from Sydney to its Melbourne headquarters, as it transitions to a national sales and distribution company from 2018. The Altona plant will be re-established as a training and product development facility, leveraging previously accumulated knowledge and expertise to further develop Toyota people, products, and services.

Following the decision to end manufacturing operations in Australia three years ago, TMCA has carried out re-employment assistance by providing employees with individual career consultations, job information, job fairs, job skills training, among other activities. TMCA expects to continue with these activities until the middle of 2018.



What are the main reasons for closing Australian plants?

Will the new Chinese/USA plants replace?


It is reported that each Aus car maker job is subsidised @ $50K A$1 = ~ U.S.$.75.
Wholly Aus design and build is unsustainable in small market.Previously high tariffs protected the industry along with govt fleet purchases.
Nissan ceased a decade or so ago Ford more recently last year and G.M. Holden close next week.
This has been known for almost a decade.

Expect some local assembly as has always been known will continue for those manufactures who supply kits.

Bus and truck assembly esp as coach building is still viable.

No sign of local build for passenger rail stock returning.

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