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FASTR consortium releases new recommendations for contributing to automotive security research and innovation

FASTR, a nonprofit research consortium dedicated to automotive cybersecurity, released new insights into the automotive security landscape as recommendations for research and innovation. This landscape, represented in an infographic, describes the opportunities for FASTR members and the broader industry to advance the field of automotive security.


FASTR views the automotive security landscape holistically, including everything from the physical supply chain, to consumer electronics used to unlock your car door, to the technical stack responsible for perception and motion planning, and beyond. All of these components must be understood together, in order to accelerate a safe and reliable realization of tomorrow’s vehicles.

FASTR’s landscape details future-looking development in areas across the expanding automotive ecosystem:

  • Physical supply chain
  • Embedded development
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Connected vehicles
  • Production and development environments
  • Consumer electronics
  • Infrastructure
  • Autonomous vehicles

Founded by Aeris, Intel and Uber in 2016, FASTR seeks to accelerate automotive security by marshaling industry-wide collaboration on threat models, reference architectures, proofs of concept, code samples, white papers, best-known methods, etc.


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