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California ARB to update Light-Duty Vehicle Electronic Certification System for PHEVs and ZEVs

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is going to update the Light-Duty Vehicle Electronic Certification (LDV E-Cert) system to indicate electric range and credit information of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and zero emission vehicles (ZEV) on the certification Executive Order.

LDV E-Cert system is the LDV electronic certification application submittal system which loads the data portion of manufacturer’s certification applications. The LDV module of the E‑Cert system has been required since the 2016 model-year (MY).

Manufacturers of motor vehicles and engines must show compliance with California emission requirements before their products are legal for sale, use, or registration in the state. To do so, manufacturers must apply to the Air Resources Board (ARB) for certification of their vehicles and engines. Traditionally, manufacturers have submitted these applications in paper format. They are reviewed by certification staff and stored at ARB. To improve the process for certification, ARB introduced E-Cert, an electronic application submittal system.

In order to indicate the information mentioned above on the Executive Order, two new data fields and modification of some existing data fields that have range information are required, and CARB is updating the InfoPath form and XML schema as follows:

  • (PHEV vehicle model only) CSI 7 will have a new field, HEV_TEST_VEH_ID. It will be a key to link PHEV test information in CSI 10A with each vehicle model in CSI 7.

  • (PHEV vehicle only) CSI 10A will have a new field, US06_ALL_ELEC_RNG for all electric range on the US06 test cycle. The number of decimal places of all PHEV data fields with range information in CSI 10A will be extended to three for more accurate range information.

  • (ZEV vehicle only) Number of decimal places of all ZEV data fields with range information in CSI 10B will be extended to three for more accurate range information.

In addition, several data fields have been updated to fit requirements of “LEV III” regulation (extended warranty for NMOG+NOx fleet average credits, leak family identifier, PHEV operating mode) and technology specification (rated power, peak torque, number of transmission gears).

The InfoPath form, XML schema, Data requirements and User guides will be updated on the E-Cert website on 10 October 2017. LDV manufacturers will have testing period between 10 October and 31 October 2017. The E-Cert system will begin accepting and processing LDV certification applications that meet the new requirements on 1 November 2017. Manufacturers can continue submitting applications using current data requirements until 31 October 2017.


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