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Proterra introduces two-motor DuoPower drivetrain for its Catalyst electric buses; partnership with Van Hool

At the American Public Transit Association (APTA) Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Proterra introduced the two-motor DuoPower drivetrain for its award-winning Catalyst battery-electric vehicles. With the DuoPower drivetrain, the Catalyst bus will now have nearly twice the horsepower and acceleration, and will be five times more efficient than a standard diesel bus. In addition, the performance of the DuoPower drivetrain represents a 20% increase in efficiency over Proterra’s standard ProDrive system.

Proterra also announced that world-class coach and bus manufacturer Van Hool NV has selected Proterra to provide its highly efficient battery platform for Van Hool’s first all-electric motor coach.

The DuoPower drivetrain uses two independent wheel motors and a two-speed gearbox. The motors are different than those used in drivetrain 1.0; there is a peak power increase (335 kW from 220 kW) and a continuous power increase (236 kW from 135 kW) for the system.

For the Catalyst E2 max, the DuoPower drivetrain enables a nominal range of 426 miles (686 km) on a single charge, which far exceeds the average distance of North American transit routes. Proterra recently tested the DuoPower drivetrain at the Navistar Proving Grounds in Indiana, achieving a world record range for an electric vehicle, where the 40-foot Catalyst E2 max traveled 1,101.2 miles on a single charge.

Designed for durability, Proterra’s DuoPower drivetrain features two electric motors that deliver 510 horsepower, accelerating a Catalyst bus from 0-20 mph in 4.5 seconds, while also achieving an industry-leading 26.1 MPGe. In addition, it can propel a bus up a 26% grade—more than twice the performance of the average 35- or 40-foot diesel bus, and 72% better than competing electric transit vehicles—making it an ideal option for transit agencies with steep hills.

Van Hool. Van Hool’s CX Series electric vehicle will utilize the same E2 battery technology from Proterra that recently broke the world record for range. CX Series operators will be able to test drive the all-electric CX45E coach at the Van Hool factory in late 2018, with deliveries beginning in 2019. The shorter CX35E coach model will be introduced shortly thereafter.

Van Hool, in partnership with its exclusive US distributor ABC Bus Companies Inc., has become one of the most popular motor coach providers in the United States, with more than 10,000 coaches and buses on the road today, serving a number of large Silicon Valley corporate-sponsored commuter shuttles and other customers. Spurred by corporate customer demand for all-electric vehicle options, Van Hool selected Proterra for its demonstrated leadership within the heavy-duty electric vehicle industry and market-leading battery expertise.

Van Hool is truly excited and proud to partner up with Proterra, a pioneering company in the development and production of battery technology. The diesel CX45 coach has a proven track record and has become a benchmark coach in its own right in the industry. Integrating Proterra’s proven battery technology in the CX will take this coach to the next level. It is a clear statement as to Van Hool’s long-term commitment to the North American coach market and a testament to Van Hool’s responsiveness to the overall demand for zero-emission vehicles at large and over-the-road coaches in particular.

—Filip Van Hool, CEO of Van Hool

The Van Hool corporate coach is designed for long-range, intercity travel with an emphasis on delivering a world-class customer experience in quality and comfort. The new CX45E and CX35E models will be co-branded with Proterra and will utilize Van Hool’s proven CX platform. ABC Bus Companies has helped Van Hool for the last three decades to establish distribution, sales, parts and service networks, and will continue to forge new market adoption with the CX Series.

Featuring Proterra’s electric vehicle technology, the Van Hool CX45E is designed to be the most efficient and highest performing long-range eCoach offered in the US market.



The performances of these Proterra/Van Hool e-buses are exceptional.

This long range e-coach technology will lead to long range e-class-7 and class-8 cargo trucks in the not too distant future?

Both e-coaches and e-trucks could get a quick charge every 4 hours or so and change driver every 8 hours and keep going 24/7.


Two motors makes sense, each runs more efficiently.

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