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Efficient Drivetrains, Shannxi Automotive reveal PHEV Class 8 cement mixer truck

Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI) announced the expansion of its electric drive solutions portfolio into the construction industry. In partnership with Shannxi Automotive, the world’s tenth largest medium- and heavy-duty truck manufacturer, EDI is introducing a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) cement mixer truck.

The collaboration integrates the Efficient Drivetrains EDI PowerDrive 8000 PHEV drivetrain and EDI PowerSuite vehicle control software into a Shaanxi Automotive, Class-8, 32-ton cement mixer truck. The initial vehicle is currently in final stages of integration and testing, and will be completed for field deployment in Q4 of 2017.


The immense scale of urbanization in China—the fastest in history—paired with rigorous government-led mandates to reduce emissions has created a substantial rise in the electrification of medium and heavy duty vehicles.

Shaanxi Automotive has committed to new energy as part of its portfolio of vehicle offerings, and continues to lead the way in providing zero-emissions vehicles featuring electric as a primary fuel source—representing almost 50% of its market share.

The collaboration between Efficient Drivetrains and Shaanxi Automotive to capture the construction industry marks the third successful initiative for the two companies, with PHEV mass transit (Class-6 and 7 city buses) and Class-8 port truck offerings available today as part of previous engagements.

The modular architecture—an inline form of the EDI PowerDrive product family—has enabled Shaanxi Automotive quickly to integrate EDI’s solution offering across several industries, while providing full OEM vehicle performance expected by fleet operators.

With the integration of EDI’s drivetrain and vehicle control software into the Class-8 PHEV cement mixer truck, fleet operators will benefit from significant reduction in fuel consumption, and eliminates the need for engine idle by electrifying the operation of the mixer. Truck operators will experience the expected full power vehicle performance of the OEM, while eliminating harmful emissions. The demonstration vehicle also utilizes a low-cost drivetrain system, which makes electrification of construction vehicles an affordable option for OEMs in China.

EDI has a well-established market footprint in the Asia Pacific region, with multiple offices in China, as well as presence in India and Taiwan.



The government of China efforts and financial support to reduce pollution and GHG is having positive effects on the number of eletrified vhicles (of all sizes) introduced on the local market.

China and California are examples to follow to accelerate electrification of all ground vehicles.


Cement trucks don't go far, so this could make sense.

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