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Volkswagen Group deliveries top 1 million vehicles in one month for first time in September

In September, the Volkswagen Group delivered more than 1 million vehicles to customers—the Group’s highest level for a single month. At 1.01 million, deliveries were 6.6% up on the previous year.

This record result demonstrates the strength of the Volkswagen Group. Vehicles from our brands are thrilling more and more customers worldwide – our new SUVs in particular are very popular. China continues to play an important role in this respect.

—Fred Kappler, Head of Group Sales

The Group also reported a significant rise in deliveries in South and North America as well as Central and Eastern Europe in September. At 7,806,600 vehicles, Group deliveries have risen by 2.6% since the beginning of the year.

404,500 vehicles (+1.5 percent) were handed over to customers in Europe in September as the Group stayed on its stable growth path. The Central and Eastern Europe region continued its upward trend, with deliveries running at 63,400 vehicles, an increase of 13.8%. While deliveries in Germany were slightly down (-3.3%), the overall trend in Western Europe remained stable (-0.5%) on the back of increases in Spain and Italy.

The Group handed over 85,900 vehicles to customers in North America, a rise of 13.5% compared with the previous year. This positive trend was driven by the launch of the Atlas SUV and the new Tiguan in the USA (+21.8%). The Volkswagen Group also reported an increase in deliveries in South America in September, handing over 47,800 vehicles to customers, a rise of 68.4%. There were sizeable increases in Brazil (+110.5%) and Argentina in particular.

The Volkswagen Group handed over 436,700 vehicles to customers in the Asia-Pacific region in September, 6.1% up on the previous year. This increase is chiefly attributable to good developments in China, where many customers chose the newly-launched Terramont and Tiguan from Volkswagen, the Audi A4L and the ŠKODA Kodiaq. In total, 406,500 vehicles (+6.3%) were handed over to Chinese customers in September.



I seem to recall numerous commnenters here predicting the imminent demise of VW (to be replaced by Tesla according to Henrik, I think, perhaps the most prolific with the moribund VW theme).

Now with this announcement of 33,000 vehicles (avg) delivered EVERY DAY in the month of September, the drafts of VW's obituary were a bit... premature, perhaps? (Re: Henrik: that's more than Tesla's deliveries for the entirety of Q3, FWIW.)

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