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At the 8th US-China Energy Efficiency Forum in Denver, Foton Motor and Cummins signed a Memorandum of Green Power and Smart Truck Cooperation Development. Under the MoU, Foton Motor and Cummins will launch an in-depth cooperation to boost energy-saving, low-carbon and green development.

The signing also marked the launching of the second stage of the “China Super Truck” program. The target of this programis to reduce fuel consumption up to 15-20%, decrease carbon emissions up to 20% and enhance transport efficiency up to 50%.

This new cooperation aims at performing in-depth cooperation in green energy sources, using new energy-saving technologies to complete the optimization of the powertrain system and vehicle integration, reduce fuel consumption and enhance transport efficiency.

Since 2008, when Foton Motor and Cummins established a joint venture, engines produced by Foton Cummins have covered light-duty and heavy-duty engine series, with emission standards meeting the requirements in the globally strictest emission-related laws and regulations. Foton Cummins engines can meet Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI emission standards.

The ISG super powertrain is Cummins’ exclusive powertrain for Super Truck. FOTON AUMAN EST and EST-A heavy duty trucks equipped with the ISG super powertrain can reduce fuel consumption and carbon emission and enhance transport efficiency.

The FOTON AUMAN EST series will be launched in Russia, Peru, Thailand, and other countries this year. This has been under development for 4 years based on R&D work from Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. (BFDA), matched with the Cummins ISG powertrain, and integrated with globally top-level commercial vehicle core supply chains including Cummins, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Wabco, Continental, and others.

In addition, Foton Motor allied with top-level supply chain systems to establish “China Intelligent Connected Super Truck Alliance”, aiming at generating the construction and development of smart traffic and smart cities on a global scale, through intelligent interconnection automobile products.



Is this a smart way to produce lower cost improved ICE trucks and engines in China much the same way as Buick and many others are doing?

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