New Audi A7 Sportback features mild-hybrid system as standard; V6s with 48V system
Alphabet’s CapitalG leads $1B round in Lyft

BYD supplying Li-ion batteries for stationary energy storage to Green Charge

BYD is now supplying Li-ion batteries to Green Charge, an ENGIE Company. Green Charge’s first installation of BYD batteries will be for the recently announced six-megawatt-hour system adjacent to ENGIE’s Mt. Tom Solar farm to serve Holyoke Gas & Electric in western Massachusetts.

Designed to optimize intermittent solar energy and contribute to rate stabilization for Holyoke Gas & Electric customers over the next 20 years, this energy storage project will be the largest utility-scale energy storage installation in Massachusetts. To date, BYD has installed more than 550 MWh of energy storage systems worldwide.

As one of the world’s leading new energy technology companies, BYD has nearly 50% market share in the frequency regulation energy storage marke—or about 25% of the entire American energy storage market. In addition, BYD is the largest consumer electric vehicle and electric bus manufacturer in the world.



World largest BEV and e-Bus manufacturer and 50% of battery fixed storage market is a place where TESLA would like to be?

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