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Toyota outlines impact of Kobe Steel quality issue on Toyota and Lexus vehicles

In response to the series of announcements by Kobe Steel Ltd. regarding improper conduct related to materials used in vehicle bodies, Toyota Motor has been investigating the impact of this matter on Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The initial phase of our investigation has been focused on the aluminum plates that were the subject of Kobe Steel’s initial disclosure, on 8 October 2017, of the falsification of data related to inspection certificates.

Although our investigation is on-going, at this juncture, Toyota believes that the identified aluminum plates purchased both directly from Kobe Steel and via other suppliers were used in certain vehicles, primarily in the construction of hoods (bonnets), rear hatches and other components of the vehicles.

After examining the data for the most recent three years possessed and provided by Kobe Steel, Toyota verified strength and durability of the affected aluminum plates, using the data Kobe provided that was furthest outside of Toyota’s specifications. Based on that analysis, Toyota confirmed that the materials satisfy applicable statutory standards, and its own internal standard, for key safety and durability requirements for vehicles.

However, since the announcement by Kobe Steel covers a wide range of products, Toyota do not regard this matter as closed, and is continuing its efforts to identify its full impact. Toyota is currently working to identify the impact of affected non-aluminum materials on our vehicles.



With drive our Toyotas daily, often on salted roads during many cold swowy days, for up to 15+ years without major rust problems.

Let's hope that the intitial (manufacture) rust protection will be enough to protect our recent Toyotas as well.

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