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Jost Group signs a supply agreement for 500 IVECO Stralis NP trucks, targeting 35% conversion of its fleet to LNG by 2020

Jost Group signs a supply agreement for 500 IVECO Stralis NP trucks, targeting 35% conversion of its fleet to LNG by 2020

IVECO has secured the largest deal for Stralis NP vehicles to-date, with 500 new trucks set to enter operation with the pan-European transport and logistics specialist, Jost Group. Designed to be the most sustainable long-distance heavy truck ever manufactured, the new deliveries will run on LNG—widely regarded as the only currently available mass market alternative to diesel.

The 500 Stralis NP trucks powered by LNG will offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio, power density and quietness of operation. The first 150 vehicles will enter operation during 2018, with the full fleet to be in service by 2020.

They will replace 4- to 5-year-old diesel-powered vehicles in the Belgian firm’s fleet of 1,400 trucks and 3,000 trailers, which has grown steadily following a series of acquisitions. The company already operates 132 Stralis vehicles, including two running on compressed natural gas (CNG).

Demand for LNG is growing rapidly across Europe, with the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) having identified LNG as the best solution for long-distance road transport in the short term and for the next 10 to 15 years. When running on fossil derived natural gas, the Stralis NP’s CO2 emissions are up to 10% lower than its diesel equivalent, depending on mission and gas composition—rising to up to 95% lower with the use of biomethane. With IVECO’s natural gas technology, the level of particulates are negligible and the NOx 50% lower compared to diesel over long haul missions. It is also much quieter, reducing engine noise levels by around 50%—aiding deliveries in urban areas.

IVECO was the first commercial transport manufacturer to recognize, back in in 1991, the potential of natural gas—foresight that saw the company develop a full range of natural gas-powered trucks, vans and buses. Today, more than 22,000 IVECO gas-powered vehicles have been sold.


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