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Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Daimler AG have invested in The Mobility House AG—a leading Germany-based provider of EV charging solutions and operator of stationary energy storage systems built with EV batteries.

A close business relationship has existed between Daimler and The Mobility House since as early as 2012. Since then, The Mobility House has been providing Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles plus fleet operators a comprehensive service supporting the individual charging infrastructure.

The two companies are also cooperating intensively in the field of stationary energy storage units and recently launched the world’s largest 2nd-life battery storage unit to be connected to the grid as part of the joint venture Enbase Power GmbH. The joint project provides frequency control services for transmission system operators (TSOs).

In addition to innovative charging and energy storage solutions, The Mobility House portfolio also includes projects in the field of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. The V2G technology allows integration of EVs into the power grid as an aggregated swarm energy storage. EV fleet owners would then obtain income from the V2G service by being part of the The Mobility House managed EV portfolio.

Together with The Mobility House, we are working intensively on the integration of electric vehicles into the power grid. With an intelligent electricity charging network, not only can we charge vehicles in such a way that expensive peak loads are avoided, but we can also use the vehicle batteries to act as an ideal buffer for grid stabilization, thus also providing fleet operators with monetary added value.

—Dr. Frank Spennemann, at Daimler organizational unit CASE responsible for fleets charging solutions, sees a great deal of potential in integrating electric fleets into the power grid in particular: "

In its Medium-term Management Plan announced in May this year, Mitsui selected “Mobility” as one of the key growth areas to focus on, and it is promoting the expansion of automotive value chains, from automotive materials through to mobility and transportation services.


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