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Clean Energy expands CNG fueling agreements with new and existing USPS contract-carrier fleets

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has signed multiple fueling agreements with United States Postal Service (USPS) contract-carriers in Florida, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas, increasing the total number of USPS carriers fueling with Clean Energy now to 15.

Signing new deals with Clean Energy is C. Blackburn Trucking Associates, who will fuel four of their Class-8 heavy-duty trucks at Clean Energy’s John F. Kennedy International Airport station. Additionally, G&P Trucking, based out of Springfield, Missouri, will fuel at Clean Energy’s compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station at the Will Roger’s Airport in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Increasing the number of their trucks that use natural gas is Thunder Ridge Transport, a 150-truck carrier servicing 13 states that is based in Springfield, Missouri. They will fuel 20 new CNG trucks out of Clean Energy’s Dallas-Fort Worth Station.

St. Augustine, Florida-based Postal Fleet Services, one of the largest USPS carriers, is also adding additional CNG trucks to its fleet fueling in Texas and Florida.

The United States Postal Service takes our sustainability goals very seriously. Our carriers live in the very same communities we serve, and we continue to look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Since 2005, we have increased the use of alternative fuels by 141%, and we are encouraged that our contract-carriers are using alternative fuels as well.

—Bridget Rice, Manager, Surface Transportation CMC at USPS


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