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>DAIHEN Corporation, a global leader in electric power transmission, distribution products and industrial robotics, has secured a license to commercialize wireless charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) utilizing WiTricity’s patented technology.

DAIHEN began shipments of wireless charging systems for industrial materials handling in 2016 after entering into a licensing and technology transfer agreement with WiTricity. DAIHEN will now use WiTricity’s DRIVE 11 wireless charging system—capable of delivering up to 11 kW of power at efficiencies of up to 94%—as the reference design for its own line of standards-compliant wireless chargers for battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

As major automotive markets such as India, China, France, Germany and the UK pledge to go all-electric over the next few decades, and with all global carmakers now at work developing vehicles equipped with wireless charging, DAIHEN seeks to leverage its position as a leading supplier of electric power transmission and distribution.

WiTricity's DRIVE 11 reference design will accelerate DAIHEN’s product development and enable it to deliver highly efficient and interoperable wireless charging stations that meet global automotive standards.

Designed for interoperability, the DRIVE 11 ground assembly (GA) is capable of charging vehicles at industry standard 3.6 kW, 7.7, kW, or 11 kW —and is capable of on-ground and in-ground installation. The Drive 11 vehicle assembly (VA) is available in low-, mid-, and high-ground clearance versions to handle the full range of passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks.

Featuring WiTricity’s Tunable Matching Network (TMN) (earlier post), DRIVE 11 is able to maximize efficiency and power delivery over a very broad range of parking alignment, battery voltage, and power conditions. In addition, DRIVE 11 offers direct-to-battery charging to eliminate system losses associated with DC-DC converters and onboard chargers and can be configured to handle a wide range of battery voltage including the latest 800V packs used for next-generation high performance EVs.

Carmakers, Tier 1 suppliers and technology providers such as WiTricity are cooperating to develop global standards that will enable all vehicles equipped for wireless charging to receive power at any wireless charging station. DAIHEN sees opportunity to supply wireless charging stations for use at private residences, commercial parking lots and public parking facilities.

DAIHEN saw wireless power transfer as a foundational technology for the factory of the future, and as we planned our entrance into the automotive market, we knew that WiTricity's technology would be a natural and necessary fit. WiTricity’s technology offers flexible and efficient wireless charging experiences, and its DRIVE 11 system enables us to deliver that experience to the rapidly expanding global EV market.

—Ryohei Tanaka, DAIHEN general manager and chief engineer of research and development


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