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E.ON launches ‘Freedom is Electric’ campaign; targeting 10,000 charging points in Europe by 2020

E.ON, an international, privately-owned energy supplier, has launched its ‘Freedom is Electric’ campaign to highlight the diversity of the world of electric vehicles, charged using E.ON’s fast-charging technology. E.ON is rolling out an ultra-fast charging network across Europe, offering 150kW, with a modular upgrade option to 350kW. The stations enable charging of a 400km-range battery in 20-30 minutes. E.ON is targeting 10,000 charging points throughout Europe by 2020.

Set against a barren desert landscape, the film, entitled ‘Freedom is Electric’, features a range of cars and bikes traditionally perceived to be gas guzzling machines. However, these are both converted and new-concept electric vehicles, developed by individuals or small companies with a real passion for zero emissions technology.

One of those vehicles is Bigfoot #20, the world’s first all-electric monster truck, which is powered by 30 separate batteries totalling 360 volts. An additional six batteries power the brakes and steering systems.

Also running in the desert is the Tachyon Speed by Raesr, an electric hyper-car prototype developed from the ground up for the ultimate in road and track performance. This was the first outing for the carbon fibre car which carries 1,250+ bhp, 3,650 lbs-ft of torque and estimated performance figures of 0-60 in less than 3 seconds, 0-120 in under 7 seconds and a top speed of 240+ mph.

E.ON’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure is part of a range of innovative new solutions for customers including solar and battery storage technology, smart appliances and intelligent homes.

E.ON has invested significantly in electric vehicle technology, including expanding its network of charging points across Europe and investing in superfast charging stations, in order to remove barriers to the widespread use of electric vehicles.


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