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Leclanché receives order for 15 MWh battery storage project from swb in Germany

Leclanché SA has received an order for a €5-million (US$5.8-million) 15 MWh battery storage project from swb, an energy services provider in Germany.

The hybrid storage solution developed by swb consists of six Leclanché storage containers, which interact with a swb thermal storage infrastructure to ensure cost effective grid ancillary services. Usual battery storage applications use the battery for symmetrical services, such as charging and discharging.

The better value heat system replaces the “charge” part of swb’s symmetrical storage infrastructure. The main purpose of the hybrid system is the optimization of investment and operational costs. Commissioning of the complete system is scheduled for March 2018.

Hybrid and stand-alone battery energy storage systems have the ability to replace grid ancillary services provided today by conventional power stations, contributing to more environmentally-friendly stabilization of the grid.

Energy storage solutions have a significant role to play in the global utility scale generation (stabilization and peak-shifting) and micro grids (renewable integration) industries, which are expected to see a Combined Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 48% to a value of $4.2 billion in the four years to 2020, according to Navigant Research.


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