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New switched reluctance machine module available in Motor-CAD

A new Switched Reluctance Machine (SRM) electromagnetic module is now available in Motor Design Limited’s Motor-CAD, enabling the design and analysis of electronically commutated reluctance motors and generators. A magnet-less topology with great fault tolerant operation capability, switched reluctance machines can often meet requirements for aerospace and automotive applications. (Earlier post.)

Using machine characteristics generated by Motor-CAD’s FEA electromagnetic solver and a parameterized controller model, output data such as current and torque waveforms are produced quickly and easily, allowing fast design optimization.


Motor-CAD EMag modules are now available for the following motor types:

  • Brushless Permanent Magnet motors (BPM)
  • Induction motors (IM)
  • Switched Reluctance motors (SRM)
  • Synchronous Reluctance motors (SYNCREL)
  • Synchronous machines (SYNC)

Motor Design Ltd (MDL) is a leader in developing advanced software and tools for electric machine design; the company has been developing electric motor design software since 1998.


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