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Greenway Innovative Energy begins construction of commercial G-Reformer for syngas production for GTL

Greenway Innovative Energy (GIE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greenway Technologies, Inc., has begun construction of its first commercial synthesis gas generating module, called the G-Reformer, which converts natural gas to synthesis gas. The G-Reformer is a key component of the company’s Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology solution.

According to GIE President Ray Wright, the unit will be the foundational component of the company’s first field production plant and marks a shift from the research and development stage to the commercialization stage for this technology.

In our discussions with prospective joint venture partners, we are finding significant interest due to our unique ability to scale plants to meet field requirements. Our technology offers attractive economics, environmental benefits, and the ability to monetize stranded or associated natural gas resources. In addition, our technology can be used in the field to process harmful flared and vented gas emissions, reducing their environmental impact.

—Ray Wright


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