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DOE: Cumulative US sales of fuel cell vehicles totaled 2,748 from June 2014 through September 2017

According to figures gathered by the US Department of Energy (DOE), cumulative US sales of fuel cell vehicles from June 2014 through September 2017 are 2,748 units, spread across three available models. The DOE noted that fuel cell vehicle sales (including leases) are currently only offered in select areas that have hydrogen refueling infrastructure—mainly in California. For this reason, fuel cell vehicle sales do not directly reflect consumer demand, and sales volumes should not be compared to sales volumes of mainstream vehicles that are sold in all 50 states.

Of the three publicly available fuel cell models, the Toyota Mirai has sold 2,158 units.

US sales of the Hyundai Tucson, Toyota Mirai, and Honda Clarity from June 2014 to September 2017. Vehicle leases are counted as vehicle sales. The Dec-14 data point reflects cumulative sales from June 2014 through December 2014. The Dec-15 data point reflects cumulative sales for all of 2015. Click to enlarge.



This is a very slow start. Toyota's sales are rising very fast?
Sales will rise when the other 20 majors will board the trains.

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