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DuPont launches SYNERXIA THRIVE fermentation solution to increase ethanol yields

DuPont Industrial Biosciences launched the SYNERXIA THRIVE Fermentation System, the newest innovation in the company’s synergistic fermentation system technologies. The new fermentation system will deliver up to 4% higher ethanol yields in dry grind facilities, improved robustness during thermal excursions and improved performance.

SYNERXIA THRIVE is the result of a multiyear investment in yeast technologies focused on improving performance in ethanol fermentation to deliver increased value to our customers.

—Joseph DeSalvo, North America regional industry leader, DuPont Industrial Biosciences

DuPont SYNERXIA THRIVE Fermentation System consists of a new active dry yeast (ADY), SYNERXIA THRIVE ADY and SYNERXIA THRIVE LC, a glucoamylase liquid complement. The new system blends the right combination of yeast and enzymes to deliver up to 4% additional ethanol versus a conventional yeast and glucoamylase combination.

SYNERXIA THRIVE ADY incorporates a patent pending, carbon-efficient pathway that redirects a portion of the carbon that would go into CO2 and glycerol into ethanol production. In lab and plant results, the SYNERXIA THRIVE Fermentation System outperformed conventional yeasts during thermal excursions and demonstrated increased robustness in the presence of organic acids.


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