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Renault Trucks has won the “Low Emissions Driveline Award” for its laboratory distribution vehicle, Urban Lab 2. This prize, awarded by the LUTB Transport & Mobility Systems cluster and the PFA Automotive Industry and Mobilities, as part of the Solutrans Innovation Awards, was presented to the manufacturer at the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 21 November 2017.

The prize recognizes a significant breakthrough or innovation in the powertrain of transport vehicles.

The Urban Lab 2 laboratory vehicle is the result of the EDIT (Efficient Distribution Truck) collaborative project, financed by the Single Inter-Ministry Fund, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, Métropole de Lyon, Ain Department Council and the FEDER. Designed based on a 19-tonne Renault Trucks D WIDE Euro 6 diesel, Urban Lab 2 targets the urban and regional distribution sector and its on-board technologies have been developed in conjunction with six partners: Valeo, Lamberet, Michelin, BeNomad, INSA Lyon (LamCoS) and IFSTTAR (LICIT).

Receiving this award, François Savoye, Energy Efficiency Strategy Director at Renault Trucks, said the Renault focused most of its Research & Development efforts on reducing emissions.

Diesel now provides an effective response to the needs of the road freight transport sector. Urban Lab 2 demonstrates the untapped potential that still exists, particularly with hybridization.

—François Savoye

In addition to engine hybridization, Urban Lab 2 combines innovative technologies associated with aerodynamics, tire performance and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication with the aim of reducing fuel consumption by 13%.


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