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Renault Trucks and Groupe Delanchy have just developed an all-electric truck equipped with a refrigerated box for delivering fresh produce. Groupe Delanchy will deliver produce to Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse (France’s largest covered food market) using this low-noise, electric 13-tonne Renault Trucks D experimental vehicle. Renault’s D trucks are medium-duty vehicles ranging from 10 to 18 t, for distribution applications.

The electric truck is currently on display at SOLUTRANS, the international show for road and transport solutions, being held in Lyon.

Groupe Delanchy, which specializes in temperature-controlled transport and logistics, and Renault Trucks, a pioneer in the field of electromobility, are continuing their collaboration that began fifty years ago. The 100% electric experimental vehicle is equipped with a Chereau temperature-controlled box and a Carrier refrigeration unit, fully powered by the vehicle’s traction batteries: a first on this type of truck.


Despite being an experimental vehicle, this 13-tonne electric truck will be used under real operating conditions in Lyon, the historic birthplace of Renault Trucks. This city has also played an important part in Groupe Delanchy’s history: with the introduction of its first route in 1968, fresh produce could to be transported from Lorient to Lyon in less than 24 hours.

On a daily basis, the 100% electric Renault Trucks D will leave Groupe Delanchy’s distribution hub in Corbas, in the suburbs of Lyon, to deliver seafood and fresh produce from Lorient to Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse.

This zero-emission truck is a suitable solution for maintaining air quality and reducing congestion in the city center, because it allows noise-free deliveries to be made during off hours, maintaining peace and quiet for residents. Because it produces no polluting emissions, this vehicle also helps maintain the area in which the operatives are working, the unloading dock at the Halles de Lyon, which is a confined space in the basement.

This electric rigid chassis vehicle will supplement the 700 Renault trucks of the Delanchy group.

At COP 21 in Paris in 2015, Renault Trucks had presented an all-electric 4.5 t truck equipped with a fuel cell and a 16 t all-electric truck—also one of the D models like the Delanchy experimental unit—then under test by Speed Distribution Logistique on behalf of Guerlain.


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