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Mahindra and Renesas launch Formula E technical partnership; road vehicles also

Mahindra & Mahindra and Renesas Electronics Corporation have formed a strategic partnership with Renesas as the official technology partner of the Mahindra Racing Formula E team.

Both parties will work together across a number of programs inclusive of ‘proof-of-concept’ systems for both racing and road cars. Both organizations will leverage their mutual strengths to expand the development and manufacturing of electric vehicles, powertrain, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and other systems in India and other emerging markets.

Renesas includes EVs as one of their core automotive businesses and develops comprehensive solutions for them around its Renesas autonomy platform introduced earlier this year. (Earlier post.) Renesas autonomy is an open, innovative and trusted platform which aims to accelerate the development of self-driving electric and connected vehicles for consumer adoption. It includes core technologies that are essential in the development of EVs, including motor and inverter control systems and battery management.


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