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LeddarTech will present the LeddarCore LCA2, the industry’s first 3D solid-state LiDAR (SSL) integrated circuit (IC) enabling mass production of automotive LiDARs, in the Leddar Ecosystem pavilion at CES 2018 in Las Vegas next month.

LCA2 IC engineering samples and LCA2-based 3D Flash LiDAR modules (A-samples) will be on display in the pavilion. Also on display will be discrete implementations of LiDAR systems showcasing the LeddarCore LCA3, which is currently under development with the first samples to be made available in 2018.

The LeddarCore ICs generate up to 245,000 digitized waveforms per second from nearly 1.3 billion samples and as many sample-based arithmetic operations. These waveforms are further processed using LeddarTech’s proprietary signal processing algorithms, which perform more than 25 billion operations per second; this produces a rich LiDAR data set enabling the most advanced ADAS and autonomous driving applications.

LeddarTech is backed by a recent investment of US$101 million from strategic partners in addition to multiple commercial agreements with key automotive industry players. LeddarTech’s business model is to deliver its core proprietary LiDAR know-how to Tier-1 manufacturers embedded within LeddarCore ICs, and to partner with them to develop custom SSL reference designs that meet the specifications of individual OEMs. The strategic investors, who have also signed commercial agreements with LeddarTech, include Delphi (now Aptiv), IDT, Magneti Marelli and Osram.

LeddarTech will be joined in its pavilion by many Leddar Ecosystem members who supply various specialized components, software and systems for use in the design of SSLs based on LeddarCore ICs. These exhibiting members include:

  • Optical components: Osram, Hamamatsu, Trilumina
  • R-Car systems on chip: Renesas
  • Integrated circuits: IDT
  • Operating systems: Blackberry QNX
  • Optics simulation tools: OPTIS
  • Sensor cleaning systems: dlhBowles
  • Integrator: AutonomouStuff
  • Industry association: Mov’eo

Product integrations featuring Leddar SSLs will also be displayed in the CES exhibition booths of various LeddarTech Ecosystem members and strategic partners, including Magneti Marelli, Osram, Trilumina, Renesas and AutonomouStuff.

The LeddarCore LCA2 has been named a CES 2018 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree in two categories: Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology, and Embedded Technologies.


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