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NEVS begins production of electric 9-3 in Tianjin; 2nd and 3rd gen Evs being developed with DiDi

NEVS has begun production of the 9-3 electric vehicle at its plant in Tianjin. The installed annual product capacity is 50,000 electric vehicles in Phase I of the Project, and with expansion to 220,000 planned for Phase II.

NEVS is working with 3 generations of EVs in its innovation and development centers in both China and Sweden. The second and third generation will be developed in close co-operation with DiDi Chuxing.

As the world’s leading one-stop diversified mobility platform, DiDi predicts there will be 1 million electric cars running on its platform by 2020. As a major partner, NEVS will provide DiDi with cost-effective high-end EVs.

Furthermore DiDi, GEIDCO (Global Energy Interconnection Corporation) and NEVS has initiated a Joint Venture - GNEVS (Global New Energy Vehicle Service Company Limited) which will provide services and infrastructure to the increasing Mobility on Demand Electric Vehicles.


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