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Efficient Drivetrains, plug-in hybrid and electric drivetrain solutions, announced the integration of the EDI PowerDrive 6000 and EDI PowerSuite vehicle control software into three 12-meter Foton buses. The company has more than 120 8-, 10.5-, and 12-meter buses operating across Asia on major OEM platforms including Ankai, Shaanxi, Xiamen Jinlong, Yaxing Motor Coach, Master Transportation, and now Foton.

The company also set a new record for most mileage driven with its EDI PowerDrive 6000 system, hitting more than 3.1 million miles traveled since 2015.

The recent integration of the EDI PowerDrive 6000 system and EDI PowerSuite vehicle control software into the Foton platform represents the sixth major bus OEM integration of Efficient Drivetrains’ technology in China.

The EDI PowerDrive 6000 was certified by the government in 2015 after undergoing significant durability testing, and the current fleet of 120 buses continues to demonstrate strong reliability and performance overall. Recently OEMs that have integrated EDI technology have reported more than 40% savings in fuel expenses, significantly reduced emissions for the community, and ROI in under 3 years.

The new fleet of Foton buses was a result of the successful deployment of 38 transit buses running in Tianshui city. The fleet operator experienced significantly improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and ease of operations for their bus drivers. In partnership with EDI’s local integration and support partner, ENCA, EDI was able to quickly deploy its technology onto the new OEM platform. Foton will also be evaluating the drivetrain system for integration into future production quantity programs.

Adoption of plug-in hybrid and electric buses continues to see tremendous growth in the Asia-Pacific region, with China leading the charge. In 2016, the country procured more than 115,000 electrified buses, with projection of future sales to account for more than 20% of new bus sales over the next three years.

To continue the strong trend, local cities and governing bodies are mandating emissions reductions, and offering financial subsidies to expedite adoption of e-buses. OEMs adopting buses with EDI’s electrification technology are able to rapidly bring electrified solutions to market, while taking advantage of the available government funding programs.



More than 115,000 electrified buses built in China in 2016 and a possibility of close to 200,000 in 2017 is an exceptional progression. It is also good news for EDI of California, the supplier of power trains.

If that rate keeps up, China may produce close to 1,000,000 electrified buses by 2020/2021? That would help to reduce pollution in their major cities.

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