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Skeleton Technologies and Sumitomo Corporation Europe sign agreement to distribute graphene-based ultracapacitors

Skeleton Technologies signed a distribution agreement with Sumitomo Corporation Europe with the aim of providing energy storage solutions for the rapidly growing hybrid electric and electric vehicle industry.

With high power density, a recharge time of 2-3 seconds and more than one million life cycles, ultracapacitors are unique in their ability to not only reduce CO2 emissions but also increase performance and be cost-effective for manufacturers.

In electric vehicles, graphene-based ultracapacitors can be used in tandem with lithium-ion batteries, doubling the battery lifetime and downsizing the cell receiving the peak power from ultracapacitors and the long-term energy from the batteries.

Ultracapacitors play an important role for high power applications in the transportation sector. Skeleton’s revolutionary technology has the potential to drive this industry forward and ensure that both manufacturers and customers alike, can reap the benefits of a hybrid approach to battery technology. We are looking forward to working with Skeleton Technologies and supporting them in growing the business.

— Hidenori Eto, GM of Warsaw office of Sumitomo Corporation Europe Limited

We are excited to announce the agreement with Sumitomo Corporation Europe, it was a natural fit from the start. Sumitomo´s world-class distribution network and technical expertise in electrification enable us to expand our footprint in the automotive sector and tap into the company’s relationships with key players in the transportation industry.

—Taavi Madiberk, CEO of Skeleton Technologies



Combo, (supercaps + batteries) was developed a few years ago in Australia.

Will graphene based supercaps be much lighter and supply higher performance. Their lightening speed recharges/discharges and increased life cycles are worthwhile assets. Excellent units to recover more braking energy. Special chargers, cables and connectors may be required but industry could adapt.


They don't quote energy density (around 6wh/kg?) or price. Allways thought would suit f1 or lemans series but didn"t happen.


Graphene is indeed very interesting material with amazing applications Graphene can indeed be a very good cappacitor. Futuru looks really exciting.

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