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DOE: California has 15K+ EV charging units, 10% of which are fast chargers

California has by far the most EV charging units of any state with more than 15,000 charging units (plugs)—10% of which are fast chargers, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). About one-third of states have more than a thousand charging units; those states average 11% fast chargers.

Only seven states have fewer than 100 charging units, and two states have no fast charging units, but have level II chargers. As of 14 November 2017, there was a total of 47,886 level II and fast charging units in the United States.

Total Number of Level II and Fast Charging Units per State, with Share of Fast Charging Units




With over 15K public EV chargers and over 120 H2 stations, California seems to have as many electrified vehicles charging facilities as the other 49 States?

The State of Texas is on the verse of catching up but many States still have a long way to go.

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