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FEV, Lightspeed Technologies to demo fiber optic-based optical and electronic architecture for automotive applications

FEV North America, Inc. (FEV) and Lightspeed Technologies have jointly created an automotive O/E (Optical and Electronic) system architecture technology that transmits photons over plastic optical fiber in lieu of E/E (Electricity and Electronics) technologies that typically conduct electrons over copper. This will significantly reduce weight, the number of vehicle parts, and assembly costs, while improving system efficiencies.

Lightspeed has created an all fiber optic, zero software system for vehicles that replaces copper wiring and other heavy components, while increasing the integration level. The technology has already been proven in aircraft and military applications. It provides additional security by making the system immune to EMI (electromagnetic interference), RFI (radio frequency interference) and EMP (electromagnetic pulse). It would also be a robust system since the fibers do not corrode.

The system replaces the operating system and application software of current systems with real-time, proprietary deterministic algorithms and look-up tables. The functions are embedded into a proprietary Systems-on-a-Chip, increasing system reliability, MTBF and speed, while decreasing weight and power requirements.

Using its extensive knowledge of automotive hardware / software development and integration, calibration, deep electronics and vehicle systems expertise, FEV designs the vehicle architecture and components then integrates the system into the vehicle, optimizing the system’s capabilities for an automotive application. A demonstrator vehicle will be the next step in the project’s development.

The partners will demonstrate the technology at CES 2018 next month in Las Vegas.


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