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Startup Thor Trucks announces its ET-One electric Class 8 tractor prototype

Los Angeles-based startup Thor Trucks announced its electric Class 8 tractor “semi-prototype” ET-One, with 80,000 pound carrying capacity. ET-One is targeted at short-haul markets where daily miles traveled rarely exceed 250.


ET-One and company co-founders Dakota Semler and Giordano Sordoni

Thor plans to offer modular battery packs, with up to 1 MWh in battery storage to support ranges of up to 300 miles of range. Powertrain options range from 300-700 hp. Thor Trucks says it will price the ET-One from $150,000 to $250,000, depending upon the vehicle configuration.

Thor currently uses a cylindrical lithium-ion cell format to leverage class-leading energy densities. The company says it is looking forward to new battery technologies that have potential to allow for rapid charging or longer ranges and is ready to adapt to new technologies as they are commercially viable.



Modular battery packs, up to 1 MWh storage for 300+ miles range, is an interesting approach.

Of course, range will be progressively extended with the arrival of higher performance SS batteries in the near future.

On the other hand, an extra 1+ MWh of SS batteries will not be very cheap to get range above 500/600 miles. Operators will have to pick between an extra $100,000+ of batteries or more frequent stops for recharge every 300 miles or so.

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