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DOE: median EV range in US grew 56% from 73 miles in MY 2011 to 114 miles in MY 2017

From 2011 to 2017, the median of the all-electric vehicle ranges in the US increased by 41 miles, or 56%—from 73 to 114 miles—according to data gathered by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

In model year 2011, there were just three different models of AEVs available and their ranges on a full charge (according to the Environmental Protection Agency) spanned from 63 to 94 miles.

By model year 2017, the number of AEV models increased to 15 and the available ranges expanded as well, from a minimum of 58 miles for the smart fortwo Electric Drive Coupe to a maximum of 335 miles for the Tesla Model S 100D.


Source: DOE.



Average BEV range increased from 73 miles to 113 miles = 41 miles in 6 years or about 7 miles/year.

At that rate, average range will be about:

1) 135 miles by 2020
2) 173 miles b6 2025
3) 215 miles by 2030
4) 250 miles by 2035
5) 285 miles by 2040
6) 320 miles by 2045
7) 355 miles by 2050....(the right time to buy a new BEV?)

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