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JATO: European car registrations up 5.2% in November; SUVs post record market share

New car registrations in Europe climbed 5.2% year-on-year in November 2017 to 1,250,281 units, according to JATO Dynamics. France, Spain and Germany, along with mid-sized markets including the Netherlands and Austria, experienced the biggest increases in volume for the month, off-setting a decline in the UK market where registrations were down 11.2%.

Despite a turbulent 2017 for the industry as a whole, which has faced threats from the diesel crisis, new emissions targets and Brexit, results for the first eleven months of the year show an overall increase in registrations of 3.8%, with 14.43 million units registered over the period.

Growth was driven by the ever-increasing demand for SUVs and registrations in the segment grew by 21.6% to almost 400,000 units. SUVs now make up 31.9% of the market, an increase of 4.3 percentage points from a market share of 27.6% during the same period last year.

The SUV segment was bolstered by increased demand for small (B-SUV), compact (C-SUV) and midsize (D-SUV) SUVs, which increased volumes by 25.5%, 16.6% and 41% respectively.

Latvia and Estonia held their positions as the European markets where SUVs are most popular, with market shares of 44.1% and 39.5% respectively. Significant market share increases for SUVs in Denmark, Poland and Norway contributed to the segment’s increased volume for November.

Despite its dominant position in the segment, with a share of 19.8% of the SUV market, Renault-Nissan was unable to take advantage of this increased demand, with registrations of its SUV vehicles only increasing by 2.4% for November. In contrast, PSA, due to the strong performance of its new Peugeot, Opel/Vauxhall and Citroen SUVs, saw its SUV registrations grow by 70.2% in November—meaning it outsold VW Group in the segment.


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Gaining 32% market share is a meteoric rise. In EU, some of the vehicles with regular rear doors are considered either Van or MPV.

Only if a vehicle with sliding door is a Van and any vehicle with 1 or more trims having AWD and has 5 doors is a Crossover.

Having a correct classification may push the share of crossovers to somewhere around 35%.

In China, the crossovers have got 37% market share while its already 40% in USA.

Ideally all new vehicles can be designed as a crossover which is good for the automaker and also gives choice to the customers if they choose AWD.

Even the GT version of BMW 3 Series and 5 Series should be badged as crossovers.


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