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Evoke Electric Motorcycles reduce weight with lighter, more energy dense battery cells

Beijing-based Evoke Electric Motorcycles is now using lighter, more energy dense batteries cells in its Evoke Urban Series lineup, enhancing the performance and overall feel of their motorcycles. Additionally, Evoke Electric Motorcycles has improved the battery management system (BMS) of the motorbikes, enabling better on-board diagnostics and longer battery life.

With the design changes on the battery cells and new BMS, Evoke has reduced the total bike weight of the Evoke Urban S and the Evoke Urban Classic down to 169 kg (373 lbs).

Evoke Urban Classic Unveil at EICMA 2017 Milan

Evoke Urban Classic Unveil at EICMA 2017.

When it comes to bike performance and engine efficiency, every little detail matters. The weight reduction from using lighter battery cells allows for better handling, quicker acceleration, increased lean angles and safer braking. Due to redesign, we are able to assemble vehicles much faster and the chance of battery malfunction is reduced.

—Chris Riether, COO of Evoke Electric Motorcycles

The new battery management system (BMS) incorporates a faster chip which provides data at a higher refresh rate, giving the rider faster, more accurate diagnostics of the bike. The new BMS also includes an enhanced, built-in balancing algorithm which allows for longer battery pack life and more usable per-charge range, reducing the overall maintenance cost for consumers.

The Urban models feature a 19 kW hub motor, with a maximum torque of 117 N·m. The bikes have a 200km (124-mile) city range. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h takes 6.0 seconds; top speed is 130 km/h (81 mph). Standard pack capacity on the Urban Classic is 7.8 kWh; the Urban S features an 87 kWh pack.



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