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Mitsubishi Electric to exhibit smart mobility concept car at CES 2018

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will exhibit a number of advanced technologies and products, including its EMIRAI4 driving-assistance concept car for safer and more convenient transportation, at CES 2018 next month in Las Las vegas.

The EMIRAI4 smart-mobility concept car features next-generation driving-assistance technologies, including the latest human machine interface (HMI) technology for safer, more comfortable interiors, a driver-monitoring system with a wide-angle camera to watch for drowsiness and other potentially unsafe driving behavior, and an indicator system that projects illuminated warnings onto street surfaces to intuitively alert other vehicles and pedestrians of the car’s intended actions, such as opening a door.

The demonstration car for the North America market will feature an advanced HMI that recognizes individual drivers by voice and provides front passengers with diverse assistance, foretelling increasingly closer links between people and their vehicles. Mitsubishi Electric will also present its safe-driving concept of using airborne drones to provide vehicles with data about road conditions when driving in bad visibility like off-road.

A video will introduce the possibility of a value-added advanced location based service which is being discussed between HERE Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric.


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