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The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) Outlander PHEV has passed the milestone of 100,000 sales in Europe (100,097 units Oct. 2013 to Dec. 2017). The Outlander PHEV now accounts for more than 10% of MMC’s European sales.

When it made its debut, initially in the Netherlands and Scandinavia, Outlander PHEV brought a new dimension to the European SUV segment. It was the best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle in the region in each of the past three years (2015-2017).

Despite an ever-growing number of competitors, Outlander PHEV has stayed ahead of the pack. In 2017, Outlander PHEV retained the number one position in the UK, Norway, and Spain.

The Outlander PHEV is a mid-size SUV that offers an attractive combination of low environmental impact, Super-All Wheel Control active safety, excellent reliability and low running costs.

Developed from a fully electric vehicle, Outlander PHEV’s architecture consists of a front electric motor, a rear electric motor and no gearbox. This translates into benefits for drivers that include much lower weight (good for energy efficiency), a simpler layout and absolutely smooth operation, while being able to cover long distances fully loaded with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.



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