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California Energy Commission awards First Element Fuel ~$8M for hydrogen fueling stations

The California Energy Commission awarded First Element Fuel almost $8 million in Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP) grants to build hydrogen fueling stations in Redwood City, Studio City, Beverly Hills, and Mission Hills.

The stations will become part of the state’s growing network of publicly accessible hydrogen refueling stations for fuel cell electric vehicles.

The Energy Commission also approved a grant to Crimson Renewable Energy of Bakersfield to design and operate an advanced commercial scale refinery that converts low-value feedstocks such as trap grease, inedible animal fats, and soap stocks into biodiesel fuel. The $4.4-million grant is also funded through ARFVTP which invests in advanced alternative and renewable fuels and vehicle technologies.



Redwood City - just down the bay from San Francisco, and in between the San Matteo and Dunbarton bridges

The rest are all around Los Angeles.


Another hand to California for the rapid extension in the H2 station network. Hope that clean renewable electricity will be used to operate those new H2 stations.

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