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Sumitomo Corporation of Americas (SCOA), DENSO and other investors have taken a stake in ActiveScaler Inc., a startup that develops Managed MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) systems powered by artificial intelligence. ActiveScaler will use the investment to continue development and deployment of its Managed MaaS system for leading mobility operators and fleet service providers.

With the increase in global demand for more scalable and efficient services for moving people and goods, ActiveScaler aims to be the leading provider of fully automated operations management for transportation businesses. ActiveScaler offers a modular set of components that enable mobility service providers to deploy solutions to meet their evolving business needs. ActiveScaler is working with a variety mobility providers offering services ranging from regional door-to-door plan, book and pay services with multiple transport modes, to comprehensive AI-based systems for managing fleets of autonomous vehicles and delivery trucks.

We want to be the engine behind the future of MaaS—hence the term “Managed MaaS”, which will transform current fleet businesses to provide next generation mobility services. Traditional fleet management services and systems are quickly becoming obsolete because of issues like high upfront software and hardware costs, poor ecosystem integration, and lack of flexibility, which are limiting the type and quality of services that can be offered.

Our new technology and fresh approach provides the ability to build end-to-end MaaS businesses featuring advanced analytics and automation, high security, and regulatory compliance while reducing environmental impact. This is essential for current as well as future businesses built around multi-mode transportation and autonomous vehicles.

—Abhay Jain, CEO of ActiveScaler

Currently operating in Asia with more than 400 fleets and 35,000 vehicles under management, ActiveScaler’s In-Motion platform has been shown to be reliable and scalable while improving operational efficiency. Many types of fleets including taxi, limo, shuttles, busses, delivery and service vehicles and long-haul trucks are becoming part of the MaaS movement and making operational efficiency a priority.


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