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Velodyne demonstrating Solid State Velarray, VLS-128 LiDAR at CES

At CES, Velodyne LiDAR Inc. is demonstrating its Solid State Velarray, the smallest LiDAR, in a form factor that can be concealed behind windshields, within roof lines, and in bumpers. Velodyne says that it is the highest performance LiDAR for ADAS today. The company is also showcasing the high-resolution and long-range VLS-128 LiDAR, the LiDAR which will be deployed in test fleets of autonomous vehicles in 2018.

We have customers that demand the best perception systems for their fully autonomous vehicle programs, and the VLS-128 delivers. Other customers seek ADAS L2-4 functionality from our consumer-grade Velarray LiDAR, which provides the power of Velodyne perception in a format perfect for vehicles today.

We expect 2018 to be a watershed year for both Velodyne and the industry, laying the foundation for autonomous vehicle deployments around the world in just a few years. At CES 2018, Velodyne will showcase the LiDAR that will be seen on the first wave of autonomous vehicles, as well as new LiDAR use cases that take advantage of Velodyne’s high-resolution, long-range sensors.

—Mike Jellen, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Velodyne


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