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Nissan introduces two mobility services in Japan

Nissan recently unveiled Easy Ride, a new robo-vehicle mobility service, as well as e-share mobi, a car-sharing service, in Japan.

Nissan and its partner DeNA, a Japanese internet company, are jointly developing Easy Ride, a mobility service that uses autonomous driving technology. It’s envisioned as a service for anyone who wants to travel freely to their destination of choice in a robo-vehicle. Nissan and DeNA aim to provide the service as a new infrastructure option that supplements existing transportation.

The goal is to allow customers to use a dedicated mobile app to complete the whole process from setting destinations and summoning vehicles to paying the fare. A public field test of the service will take place in Yokohama, Japan, from 5-18 March 2018.

The e-share mobi car-sharing service gives users the opportunity to experience Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies, including autonomous driving technologies and the excitement of electric drive. The service begins 15 January and will initially feature the new Nissan LEAF and the Nissan Note e-POWER. It will initially be offered at about 30 stations in Japan and will be expanded throughout the nation.


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