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China Yuchai International Limited, a leading manufacturer and distributor of engines for on- and off-road applications in China through its main operating subsidiary, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company Limited (GYMCL), launched 14 new engines compliant with China’s more stringent National VI emission standards.

GYMCL’s new National VI engines include 10 diesel and 4 natural gas engines with a power range from 100 to 650 horsepower among 3 platforms: S, K, and Y.

The S platform engines address the market for medium- and light-duty engines with models YCS04, YCS06 and YCS04N. The K platform engines cater to the medium- and heavy-duty markets with models YCK05, YCK08, YCK09, YCK11, YCK13, YCK13N, YCK15N and YCK07N. The Y platform engines are for the light-duty engine market with models YCY20, YCY24 and YCY30.

China’s National V emission standards were fully implemented across the nation in 2017. The more stringent National VI emission standards are expected to be implemented by mid-2020 according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The China 6 standard combines best practices from both European and US regulatory requirements in addition to creating its own, according to an analysis of the standard by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). Specifically, the standard features:

  • Two sets of fuel-neutral emission limits—China 6a and 6b—for air and climate pollutants, including carbon monoxide (CO), total hydrocarbons (THC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), particle number (PN), and nitrous oxide (N2O);

  • A shift from the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) to the more representative and dynamic World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Cycle (WLTC) and more rigorous World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedures (WLTP);

  • Adoption of real-world driving emission (RDE) testing and requirements based on the European RDE provision passed in March 2016, with modifications that address the unique driving conditions in China for both type test and in-use conformity;

  • Enhanced on-board diagnostics (OBD) provisions based on the US OBD II program;

  • Stringent evaporative and refueling emission-control requirements equivalent to the US Tier 2 requirement with a streamlined test procedure;

  • Introduction of a low-temperature testing requirement and emission limits for CO, THC, and NOx for both gasoline and diesel vehicles; and

  • A multi-component compliance program involving agency- and manufacturer-run emission tests during pre-production, production, and in-use stages, and China’s first emission warranty and defect reporting program.

GYMCL has signed strategic partnership agreements with 22 truck OEMs including Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., and 8 bus OEMs including Yutong Bus, as well as 52 key components suppliers, for the new engines.


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