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Enerkem and Sinobioway Group sign agreement worth $100M including joint venture to build 100+ biofuel facilities in China

Canada-based waste-to-biofuels and renewable chemicals producer Enerkem Inc. signed an agreement with Sinobioway Group worth more than C$125 million (US$100 million) in the form of equity investment in Enerkem Inc., future licenses, equipment manufacturing and sales, as well as for the creation of a major joint venture that will lead the construction of more than 100 Enerkem facilities in China by 2035.

Sinobioway, a conglomerate in China’s bio-industry, will help accelerate Enerkem’s global growth by opening the Chinese market to Enerkem’s pioneering waste-to-biofuels technology. This joint venture will spearhead the development of a clean economy, reducing air pollution by producing renewable fuels from non-recyclable garbage.

Sinobioway primarily invests in bio-energy, bio-environmental protection, bio-medicine, bio-agriculture, bio-service, bio-manufacturing, and bio-intelligence areas. With 4,000 employees, it is one of the three main industrial groups affiliated with Peking University. The company was founded in 1992 and is based in Beijing, China.

Enerkem’s 4-step thermochemical process (feedstock preparation, gasification, syngas cleaning and catalytic synthesis) converts non-recyclable, non-compostable municipal solid waste into methanol, ethanol and other widely-used chemical intermediates.



Good news for Enerkem, China and the environment?

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