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European Parliament endorses proposal for 12% share of energy from renewable energy in transport by 2030; 10% advanced biofuels

The European Parliament last week endorsed a series of proposals setting targets for cleaner, more efficient energy use. Among those was a proposal for a binding EU-level target of a 12% share of energy from renewable sources in transport, by 2030. Members of Parliament also endorsed setting a 35% improvement in energy efficiency and a minimum 35% share of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption of energy by 2030.

In 2030, each Member State will have to ensure that 12% of the energy consumed in transport comes from renewable sources. The contribution of first generation biofuels (made from food and feed crops) should be capped to 2017 levels, with a maximum of 7% in road and rail transport. MEPs also want a ban on the use of palm oil from 2021.

The share of advanced biofuels (which have a lower impact on land use than those based on food crops), renewable transport fuels of non-biological origin, waste-based fossil fuels and renewable electricity will have to be at least 1.5% in 2021, rising to 10% in 2030.

By 2022, 90% of fuel stations along the roads of the Trans-European Networks should be equipped with high power recharging points for electric vehicles, say MEPs.

MEPs said that the share of renewable energy should be of 35% of the energy consumption in the EU in 2030. National targets should also be set, from which Member States would be allowed to deviate by a maximum of 10% under certain conditions.

On energy efficiency, Parliament voted in favor of a minimum 35% binding EU target and indicative national ones. This target should be considered on the basis of the projected energy consumption in 2030 according to the PRIMES model (simulating the energy consumption and the energy supply system in the EU).


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