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Novelis is supplying aluminum for the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler. The use of lightweight, high-strength aluminum for closures, which includes parts of the doors, fenders, swing gate, and windshield surround, reduces weight and boosts fuel economy, helping make it the most capable and fuel-efficient Wrangler ever produced by FCA US LLC. The all-new Wrangler is 200 pounds (91 kg) lighter than the previous steel version and gas mileage is expected to rise by three miles per gallon, according to the automaker.

Thanks in part to lightweight aluminum from Novelis, Jeep enthusiasts will also find it easier to remove the doors, which will be 14 pounds lighter compared to previous models.

Aluminum supply for the all-new, next-generation Wrangler will be sourced from Novelis’ facilities in Oswego, New York and Kingston, Ontario.

Demand for automotive aluminum is expected to rise. According to the 2017 Ducker Worldwide survey, aluminum content in North American passenger vehicles, particularly light trucks and SUVs, will increase 42% from its 2015 level by the year 2028. Today, more than 200 different vehicle models feature Novelis aluminum.


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