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DOE: 39 publicly available hydrogen fueling stations in US; 34 more planned

As of January 25, 2018, there are 39 publicly available hydrogen stations for fueling fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in the United States—35 in California, 2 in South Carolina, and 2 in the Northeast—according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). Another 29 public stations in California and 5 in the Northeast are planned.

Of the 39, 31 are retail; the non-retail stations involve special permissions from the original equipment manufacturers to fuel along with pre-authorization from the station provider.

For the retail stations that are open to all FCEV customers with a point-of-sale system, the National Fuel Cell Technology Evaluation Center (NFCTEC) at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory reports a total of 276,535 kg hydrogen dispensed through the 2nd quarter of 2017.

Hydrogen Dispensed by Quarter—Retail Stations, Data through Q2 2017. The graph shows increasing amounts of hydrogen dispensed each quarter as more FCEVs hit the market and that most existing retail stations opened in 2016. Colors represent individual stations, but those stations are not identified. NFCTEC aggregates individual site analysis results into publicly available composite data products that show the status and progress of the technology but don’t identify individual companies. Source: NREL. Click to enlarge.



It is remarkable that California, with 79 H2 stations installed/planned, has 89% of all H2 stations in USA. It is the real leader, as usual?

What are the other 49 States doing?

FCEV manufacturers may have to get actively involved to get the program going?

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