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Efficient Drivetrains delivers its largest electric bus order for Golden Dragon In China

Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI) has fulfilled its largest order of all-electric buses for Golden Dragon in China. As part of the program, the EDI PowerDrive 6000EV system was integrated into a fleet of eighteen Golden Dragon 10.5-meter buses.

The EDI PowerDrive 6000 has surpassed more than 3.8 million miles in a commercial fleet setting of city buses deployed in rural and city routes in China. The same drivetrain system received government certification after undergoing durability testing in late 2015.


Golden Dragon has played a key role in evolving clean transportation in China and the Asia-Pacific regions. The company has established a visible presence to its commitment to electrification of its vehicles, with more than 15,000 new energy buses deployed globally. In China alone, Golden Dragon has deployed new energy vehicles in more than 40 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Xiamen, and Fuzhou.

The new all electric 10.5 meter buses featuring the EDI PowerDrive will run in city and rural routes across multiple terrains and climates for the city of Nantong, China.

EDI began its presence in the mass transit space in China beginning with the first vehicle integration for Ankai transit buses in 2010. To date, the company has delivered large quantity bus production orders across major territories in China with several leading OEMs.

Recently, its EDI PowerDrive system hit a cumulative mileage of 3.8 million miles in a commercial fleet setting. The company will continue to supply EDI PowerDrive Plug-in Hybrid Electric (PHEV), and all electric (EV) drivetrains and EDI PowerSuite vehicle control software to major OEMs as the companies work to rapidly offer electrified buses in response to government mandates.

As part of its China bus initiative, EDI has worked to qualify its drivetrain technology with a wide range of cities, allowing the company to compete on a broad scale. As the year progresses, EDI will continue to work to expand commercial bus deployments to territories across China and other Asia-Pacific regions.

In the US, EDI introduced its EDI PowerDrive 7000EV drivetrain system in Q3 of 2017. Since its initial product introduction, the company has worked with leading bus manufacturers to deliver all electric type C and D buses. Globally, EDI expects to close several hundred orders for bus drivetrains this year.

The electrification of vehicles in China continues to accelerate rapidly, with forecasts indicating that the China bus market will reach more than 200,000 PHEV and EV buses by 2020, with the goal to reach full electrification by 2027.


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