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Sonwil deploys Orange EV electric yard truck

Orange EV and Sonwil Distribution Center, Inc., announced the 2017 deployment of Orange EV’s T-Series pure-electric terminal truck to Sonwil’s 300,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center in Buffalo, New York.

Sonwil was one of the first thousand orders for Class 8 12-liter CNG tractors, and now we’re moving into Class 8 electric. The Orange EV truck is a good fit with our mission, eliminating emissions and solving problems. And compared to the steep learning curve with CNG, the electric yard horse was easy – just plug it in.

—Dave Harper, President of Innovative Transportation Services (ITS)

Orange EV’s complete electric terminal truck solution includes everything needed to begin operations: trucks, charging capabilities, telematics, on-site training, manuals, customized operator settings, warranty, and more. Building both new and remanufactured vehicles, Orange EV designs and manufactures each truck to customer specifications. Sonwil is operating a new T-Series Extended Duty Terminal Truck with Standard Onboard Charging.

Orange EV’s electric terminal trucks operate in all segments of the container-handling market including ports, rail intermodal, manufacturing, distribution, parcel, waste transfer, LTL freight, third party logistics, and more. Understanding that each yard is physically and operationally unique, Orange EV delivers site-specific electric vehicle solutions backed by committed engineering and technical support.


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